Sunday, December 30, 2007

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Dark, dark, dark, shaky, someone gets killed, dark, dark....That about sums up the ostenato found in this awful sequel. I feel I may loose some credibility saying this, but I kind of enjoyed the first one. It was dark (thematically), isolated, and in a really interesting Antarctic setting. It reminded me a bit of John Carpenter's Thing. Requiem, however, was dark in hue only, and featured an uninspired cast that I was losing track of even as their ranks were being thinned. Even if you're looking for a brainless action movie, avoid this one like it's a Predalien.

The plot (if you can venture to even call it that) this time out has one Predator trying to quell an alien outbreak in a small mountain town. The humans, of course, are again caught in the middle. Directors Colin and Greg Strauss are visual effects wizards who have worked on dozens of films. They are experts at their craft, but unfortunately being good with effects does not necessarily translate into being good at directing.

It was an interesting concept of having one Predator act as a cleanup crew. They even named him "The Wolf" in an homage to Pulp Fiction. It's a bad sign, though, when the most interesting character never says a word. In fact, I'm not even going to get into the cast list because there's too many people, and none of them have screen time of any importance. I would have no way of even determining who the main characters were. The funny part is...I don't care.

I can't give this a complete zero, because that's is reserved for a select few movies that have absolutely no redeeming qualities. I believe I've only given out four of those. The effects in this movie were very well done. I just can't fathom any of their decisions in this piece of garbage. Killing off the only romantic interests? Seeding an already pregnant women with aliens? Or what about destroying the whole city? In case you have no idea what the Predalien I referred to earlier is, it's a hybrid between the two. Don't worry, they ending was left not only open for a sequel, but requiring one.


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Anonymous said...

lol the predalien was no hybrid between the two the predalien was only an alien who used the predators dna in the first movie for it's own advantage to 'learn' from it and obviously a predator dna is quite usefull for an alien embryo cause predators have a very strong dna compared to what humans have. Only The Newborn alien in Alien ressurection was a hybrid cause the dna was 50% human 50% Alien.
read wiki next time before you talk about such a great movie!