Monday, August 13, 2007

Bratz: The Movie

OMG!!! JKLOL!!!! Oh no they didn't- I'm pretty sure I've seen this movie before, and that was Mean Girls. The only difference is that Mean Girls was good- really good. This movie is bad- really bad. It takes one ten second gag from Mean Girls (the seating arrangements in the cafeteria), and makes an entire movie out of it. It loses all of the feelings of conflict and isolation that made Mean Girls so good.

Logan Browning, Janel Parrish, Nathalia Ramos, and Skyler Shaye play Sasha, Jade, Yasmin, Cloe- four best friends just starting high-school. Their hopeful starry eyed dreams are shattered when Meredith (Chelsea Staub), the student council president, drives them to join separate cliques and breaks of their friendships. Potential for genuine conflict? Hardly. They're back together before the half hour mark. The rest of the movie is spent split between revenge against Meredith, and their attempts at spreading their inter-clique diversity around the school.

It's been a while since I was in high-school, but I don't remember it being like this- at all. I think High School Musical even had more truths in it. Bratz just rips off everything. It continues harvesting Mean Girls all the way down to the talent show, and it even references the MTV show "My Super Sweet 16." Nothing draws more attention to a movie's own self-awareness than being featured on a TV show. And a dog named Paris that follows Meredith around? Are dogs even allowed in school?

The five lead actresses are awful. Just terrible. I think the performances would have been more convincing if they had been given by the Bratz dolls themselves. That's actually an interesting prospect. For some reason Jon Voight is in this as the principle and Meredith's father. I couldn't fathom what possessed him to appear in this cesspool.

I'm not sure who this movie is targeting. I would assume it would be the audience that would watch "My Super Sweet 16," but I'm not sure. Maybe the same crowd that enjoys the Avril Levigne peppered soundtrack. Again, I'm not sure. Possibly fans of director Sean McNamara's other work- a whole plethora of Disney Channel shows and kiddie movie sequels. (Anybody see his crowning achievements Three Ninjas: High Noon at Mega Mountain?) My only hope is that they come out with a sequel. Maybe Homies: The Movie- based off those toys that cost a quarter in restaurant lobbies. There's a reason this is on IMBD's bottom 100 movies of all time.

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Anonymous said...

This movie was very good. and the difference is is that bratz is more of a kid movie it's rated pg and mean girls was for an older age. this movie shows a good lesson and for all the little girls out there who play with bratz probably really enjoyed watching it because it wasn't animated and it showed real people .everybody is intitled to their ipinion but whoever wrote that bratz was really bad has a bad opinion i loved the movie it was great.