Friday, August 3, 2007

I Know Who Killed Me

I Know Who Killed Me almost had potential to be good. Almost. It started out being a psychological thriller in the same vein as Silence of The Lambs. It got confused, however, trying to shove too many incoherent ideas together into one movie, all while trying to please the crowd going to see this movie because of Lindsay Lohan. In the end, it just does not work.

First of all, I'll start off on something positive. Contrary to all of my expectations, Lohan did a fairly good job. She had a very difficult role playing the dual roles of Aubrey Fleming, and Dakota Moss. Yes she plays two characters again, but this is not the Parent Trap. One is the glowing child of a suburban family, and the other is child of a drug addict who strips for money. The catch- they're supposed to be the same person.

I'll try not to reveal anything that isn't shown in the trailers, so I'll briefly go over the plot. Aubrey Flemming is kidnapped. She appears several weeks later, but thinks her name is Dakota Moss. This is where the true mystery, and the potential of the movie comes into play. Are they really two different people? Does Aubrey have post traumatic stress? Is she caught in an alternate personality she created? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not terribly important, and not all that interesting.

First of all, there are not one, but two or three full length scenes of Lohan dancing in an exotic club. Couple these with a sex scene between her and Brian Geraghtry and you know where priorities of the film-makers were. Not only that, the movie frequently descends into the torture/captivity genre with some very graphic scenes. This waisted time results in very little plot development until the last 20 minutes. The movie sets up an intriguing mystery, but does almost nothing with it until rapid fire revelations right at the end. Honestly, the movie is stuck in neutral for over half of its nearly two hour running time.

This movie just suffers from a lot of potential going nowhere. It mashes a series of fairly good ideas together, but never actually develops them into any sort of depth. If you like mysteries, and are willing to sit through an otherwise very mundane movie, you might like. It you like Lindsay Lohan, you will most certainly like this. If you prefer good films, stay clear of this one.

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